We need your help to create a CCA in the mid-Hudson Valley. 
Please learn more about CCAs and how you can get involved.

learn about ccas

The first pilot CCA in Westchester County saved homeowners millions of dollars while moving 77,000 households into a 100% renewable option.  Learn why John Kelly of the Perfect Power Institute called CCAs the “number one tool this country has to fight climate change”.


get the Faqs

We continue to work with innovative municipal leaders to bring CCAs to the mid-Hudson Valley.  Please get the FAQs about how a CCA works and what benefits it can provide to your community.

If you have any questions or would like to organize an informational meeting for neighbors, please contact Jeff Domanski, who is managing the outreach and education effort for the Renewable Highlands CCA project.

Jeff can be reached at:




The Ecological Citizen's Project on Longhaul Farm is a partner organization to Renewable Highlands.  We work to grow citizen-led campaigns to produce a more just, healthy and sustainable way-of-life.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Jason Angell, Co-Director, Ecological Citizen's Project



Stay Informed!

Most importantly, stay informed about the benefits of CCA.
Some resources to explore include:

Local Energy Aggregation Network

Sustainable Westchester CCA

Citizens for Local Power Ulster County CCA