CCAs work at the municipality level. Local municipalities choose whether to participate in the CCA and the criteria they want in a proposed energy supply contract. By choosing to participate, municipal leaders give their constituents an option for saving money, stabilizing rates and supporting renewable energy.


How to Participate

Our job is to inform municipalities about the benefits of CCA and support the creation of a local CCA. To date, the City of Beacon, the Town of Fishkill, the Town of Philipstown and the Village of Cold Spring have passed laws that enable, but do not require, participation in CCA, as required by the Public Service Commission.


Then What?

The Public Service Commission provided a framework for establishing a CCA. Many municipalities have descided to work with a third-party Administrator. We recommended Joule Assets since they helped setup the first CCA in NY. The Administrator will be responsible for filing Implementation and Public Outreach plans with the Public Service Commission. Renewable Highlands, in addition to other local resources, will support municipalities in setting the right criteria for an energy supply contract.