Community Choice Aggregation

For updates on the progress of the Program, the partners now leading the effort, and an extensive FAQ, please go to the Hudson Valley Community Power website.

What is CCA?

CCA pools electric utility accounts of residents and small businesses to gain bargaining power in negotiating energy supply agreements. CCA facilitates cost savings, price stability, renewable energy development, implementation of community-wide energy initiatives and local economic growth.


How it works

Individual municipalities or groups of municipalities solicit proposals from qualified energy supply companies. Bidders are selected based on price, contract length, sourcing, and other criteria determined by participating municipalities. There is no requirement to select any bid–if bids do not meet the set criteria default supply from the local utility remains intact. A small portion of the savings generated by the CCA will be used to support ongoing CCA administration and implementation of additional cost-saving initiatives, such as community solar and energy efficiency. There is no cost to participating municipalities.


Local Scope

Renewable Highlands is organizing support for a local CCA and is launching a public information campaign. Renewable Highlands is reaching out to municipalities and other non-profit organizations located within the Central Hudson service territory.


More Information

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